Three Reasons Your Web Analytics Aren’t Measuring Up – Special Events

Three Reasons Your Web Analytics Aren’t Measuring Up – Special Events

We all know how important Google Analytics is in theory, but how many event professionals are actually making the most of their data? A common approach to “evaluating” analytics is to review the reports available and either celebrate a job well done (more visitors!) or get nervous about declining performance (a higher bounce rate!?). In most cases, there is little done to analyze web metrics beyond looking at some numbers and perhaps comparing them to previous data. 

Whether or not you feel good about your analytics is largely an emotional response to looking at those out-of-the-box reports. The context is limited, so you naturally look for trends — even without fully understanding what it means. However, the real and impactful insights come from asking the right questions and setting up custom reports to develop campaigns with focus. When business owners focus on analytics rather than campaign management, it’s easy to miss out on key insights that can help turn a basic website into a conversion machine. 

Fortunately, being deliberate about what you measure (and how you measure it) can help you to uncover and correct any issues that may come up with your website and marketing efforts. Here are three key reasons your web analytics aren’t showing you what you want. 

You aren’t asking the right questions. 

It’s easy to take a look at your analytics dashboard, note your traffic and engagement metrics, and give yourself a pat on the back for all of your hard work (or panic when your numbers aren’t up