5 Ways Analytics and Conversion Tracking Can Help Your Online UK Business – Entrepreneur

5 Ways Analytics and Conversion Tracking Can Help Your Online UK Business – Entrepreneur

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Lead generation is a crucial facet of identifying prospective customers that could be interested in your online business’ products or services. 

With leads arriving from multiple different sources across the web like search engines, email campaigns, PPC ads, and social media, it’s vital that you adopt an informed approach in order to optimize your marketing efforts and focus resources on the most effective sources for leads. 

By adopting web analytics you can help to prove the return on investment (ROI) within your marketing strategies to justify budget spending, while conversion tracking is vital for measuring the effectiveness of your campaigns in achieving their designated goals. 

Analytics and conversion tracking can carry many benefits for businesses that operate largely online, especially when you consider the fact that a lot of European businesses have moved online. Due to multiple lockdowns and closures of many businesses, Europe has been hit hard economically. Analytics could ultimately prove vital in helping new online businesses to better engage prospective customers and encourage them to shop with your business ahead of competitors. 

Marketing Budgets

(Image: WSJ)

As the chart above from the Wall Street Journal illustrates, marketing can account for a seismic chunk of the overall budgets for businesses. If you’re operating a small business, it may be that such generous levels of budgeting simply aren’t possible. However, various tools can aid you in stretching your finances further and operating in a smarter manner.