Analytics Trends for 2021 – CMSWire

Analytics Trends for 2021 – CMSWire

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Jennifer Burk

Not all predictions come true. So it goes with articles predicting trends for the new year.

I wrote about 2020 analytic trends in December 2019. Of course the COVID-19 pandemic upended my predictions — as it did those from analysts in every industry you can imagine. My prediction of the opportunity to extend analytics through DOOH ads was certainly a bust when public confidence on the nation’s pandemic response diminished consumer interest in outdoor spaces.   

For analytics practitioners the disruption from the COVID-19 pandemic means two things: stop following the measurement playbook, and mark up the playbook text with adjustments accounting for the recovery. If you are adjusting your playbook, consider these trends that are still viable for strengthening your plans.

Opportunities Still Exist to Get Customer Experience Optimization Right

Managing customer experience is still a proven strategic advantage for connecting repeat customers and leads to sales. But Gartner has predicted a coalescence of tech and human behaviors that will require deeper scrutiny to identify the opportunities. Gartner noted the emergence of an “internet of behaviors,” a combination of people-centric tech such as facial recognition and data to map where beneficial customer behavior occurs in a sales process. The whitespace for marketers is applying experimental campaigns to their brand’s current channels to see how customers will appreciate the benefits. Scott Clark’s post on