A beginner’s guide to Google Analytics for startups – EU-Startups

A beginner’s guide to Google Analytics for startups – EU-Startups

With limited resources on the one hand, and an abundance of things to do (no doubt you have a ‘wearing many hats’ team) on the other, it is necessary for startup businesses to rise to the challenge of prioritisation and organise their processes in a way that is simplified. Therefore, making sure that you have a properly set-up, understood and well-used Google Analytics account is somewhat inevitable. 

At first, Google Analytics might feel intimidating, but, once you understand how it works and identify the key metrics necessary for your business, it may soon become one of your favourite (and most useful!) marketing tools. 

What is Google Analytics? 

Google Analytics is a free web analytics platform offered by Google that tracks website or app performance. It has earned its popularity among marketers by offering over 200 metrics to help all types of businesses make smarter decisions. 

The platform provides you with unique insights into the performance of your marketing, content, products and more. It reveals your users’ behaviour as they interact with your website or app by tracking every step of their journey including where they came from and where they left. Therefore, the continuous assessment of the metrics important for your business can substantially help you move the current numbers closer to the desired results. 

Why is Google Analytics a must-have for startups?